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 offering a full array of Lash and Wax services in the Triad.

Come see why It's Novalash or Nothing!

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Lash Services

Classic set of Novalash

Artist applies 1 extension to each individual natural lash using the Novalash application for a totally natural and beautiful lash look. 


Classic Lash Fill

keep your lashes full and maintain the look with regular fills. Do not wait until many have fallen out or you'll be charged extra during fill. 


Novaminx Full Set

 None of the sanitary/cruelty issues of using real animal fur-all the luxury of mink. These lashes are the same size and shape of classic extensions at 1/2 the weight! This increases the wearability of your extensions and creates an incredibly soft, light feel. Once you try, you will never go back to regular extensions!


Novaminx Fill

Keep your fill soft and sweet with this luxury lash fill.


Novalash American Volume Full Set

Novalash's Own method of volume lashing- looks more beautiful and natural while still being unbelievably full. Uses a 'wrap' method where the fans hold better, and is done faster than russian volume! 


American Volume Fill

Keep your volume set looking full and glam. Lighter weight extensions are applied in fans of 3-5 depending on the look desired and what your natural lashes can support.


Super Lash Fill

any fill beyond 4 weeks is a super fill, or if you just have poor retention (less than 50% remaining at time of fill. Any fill 5 weeks or over is actually a new full set.


Collagen Infused Lash Lift

Adds a dramatic change to the appearance of your lashes without having to add extensions or get fill services. This is a great solution for those who have an allergy to lash adhesive, or aren't ready for the maintenance of extensions. A special conditioning step is included. Lift holds its shape for 6-8 weeks!


Lash Tint

Adds a touch of glam to your natural lashes. Achieves an especially dramatic look for lashes that are naturally lighter in color.


Lash Fill WITH Brazilian wax

Save time AND $ with this option for the woman who doesn't have time for separate appointments. Price of your desired lash fill + your brazilian wax at $25


Wax Services

Brow Wax

student discounts on wax services available


Brow Tint and Wax

adds a more groomed look and can even help  fill the appearance of sparse brows.


Lip Wax

$7 as an add on service


Underarm Wax

As an add on service only $15


Leg Wax

price dependent on whether you get full or half leg 


Bikini Wax

removal of what hair would show outside of the tiniest of bikini bottom.


Brazilian Wax

We will wax everything but your car.


Back Wax

price shown is for full back, less charge for smaller areas of the back.


A.B. Lash Studio is owned and operated by Amanda Borchert, a 3X certified lash artist-twice certified in Novalash. She is also a licensed and insured Esthetician of 4 years.

her philosophy: To offer the best, you have to be educated by the best. Unlike many other artists, 1 classic training wasn't enough to satisfy her, she sought out advanced training  soon after she fell in love with the art of lashing. This  immediately set her apart in the local industry. She also places a heavy emphasis on the safety and integrity of your natural eyelashes as well as the sanitation protocols that are not optional when working in such a sensitive area. This is why doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms, college students, nurses, local politicians, athletes, models, and women from all walks of life choose to book only with her.

A truly high quality product is what she felt was missing in the triad, so she researched until she found what she felt clients needed and deserved. 

Resistant to oil and even instantly waterproof, you can be rest assured your application will stand the test of time. Get a facial treatment, hit the sauna, play tennis, jog, and live your active lifestyle without worrying you will need to get fills every week to maintain. Going on a vacation or business trip? No problem! While other lash products fall apart at the beach, her clients have gone on lengthy trips all over Europe, South America, and other destinations and returned with many of their extensions still intact. To put it simply, Novalash adhesive just holds up better, and can withstand  humidity, the salty air of the beach, the intensity of the gym, and even the sauna. 

No mystery, cheap products from overseas that aren't tested for quality should be used around your delicate eyes. Novalash adhesives are all true medical grade and physician developed. They are four times distilled, and formaldehyde free. Hold on average is 2x better than any other brand and is only sold to properly licensed and trained professionals. These adhesives have won more awards than any other lash product on the market. The application process of these extensions is also very unique and achieves an incredibly full and beautiful look.

  Clients are always amazed and thrilled when they see their new lashes after a visit.

 Whether you're seeking the most natural and beautiful classic lash look, or show-stopping volume, you will see why it's Novalash or Nothing.